Hi, I'm Liz.

I'm a shadow ally to creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and teachers.  I create actionable content to help anyone interested in growing a sustainable, profitable virtual enterprise. My videos, articles, eBooks and courses are about business, design, entrepreneurship, and technology. What is super-satisfying to me is achieving (and helping others achieve) self-reliance and financial independence.

After corporate life in finance and tech, I morphed into a creative online entrepreneur, working from my home studio since 2002.  I have a doctorate in management and my gigs are: virtual business coach, university professor, and author. I teach business, design, research, and tech courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level.

I want you to shine in your industry, glow with accomplishment, and thrive with self-sufficiency.

My passion is to give real guidance on the various challenges and opportunities associated with creating and growing a sustainable, profitable online enterprise. As well as the design and tech stuff.

I think that business should be hard work, fun, and magic. Cheers to a rewarding alliance!


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